The effort to rid myself of Necrobiosis Lipoidica  has definitely been a marathon and not a sprint.  My approach really has not changed significantly over the past few years.  Basically, I’m just refining and optimizing my strategy as I improve my overall health.

here are some frustrating facts

  • You can have a BMI in the normal range and still have NL / NLD.
  • You can be non-diabetic and not pre-diabetic and still have NL / NLD.


  • When our BMI is higher than expected we are statistically more likely to deal with other health problems.
  • If BMI is high, reducing it to normal makes sense as the first step in improving our metabolic performance.

There are probably many layers to this issue, but for me BMI is something I can change so that’s where I’m working right now.  The last few years have shown me some success, and that the process takes time.  Dedication to the end goal and willingness to adjust strategy over time are vital to success.

Current strategy:

  • Aerobic exercise (jogging) 30 minutes 3 times weekly
  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Make a note of BMI at least every couple of weeks

Nothing fancy here.  Just consistency.

The ketogenic diet has been helpful over the last couple of years, because it helps me to achieve results and has proven to be a plan I can stick with over time.  I think that’s the key to an eating plan.  Something that yields results, and something we can stick with over time.  If you’re interested in a ketogenic diet, I recommend researching it thoroughly and connecting with a great support network.

Research is important.  Because you have NL / NLD your health profile is already complicated.  Many people use a ketogenic diet as a fad diet to drop weight.  Your journey is more serious, and your metabolism is unique.  Choose carefully and deliberately, and pay close attention as you go.

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