Since posting my strategy a year ago I’ve tweaked a few things and thought an update would be appropriate.

Still Rooting for Team Pancreas

As mentioned before, the hunch i’m working with here is that the pancreas, for whatever reason, either is currently struggling or has in the past struggled to keep up with my diet.  To try and help this, I’m adopting a diet that I believe to be a little easier on the pancreas.  When I started a diet of reduced carbohydrates a lot changed in a hurry.  And while there were tons of fringe benefits such as enhanced focus, increased energy, and weight loss, not much has changed so far on my NLD.  I’m okay with that for now — it took time for my body chemistry to get out of whack and it may take time to get things back to normal. I still believe this has a chance of working, especially in light of the results some have seen with the Newcastle diet for diabetes.

I think there’s much to be learned from reading the Newcastle studies.  I am putting that strategy on the shelf for now and keeping it ready for when I either get down to the BMI levels in the mid 20s, or for when I get stuck using my current diet.  My biggest takeaway from the Newcastle reading so far has been that I need to be paying attention to BMI and set goals accordingly.  Previously I had been shooting for weight numbers that sounded more acceptable in my own mind, but they were basically arbitrary numbers, and they were still too high. With this new information I’m adjusting goals and continuing to press forward.  Today I’m the lightest I’ve been in ten years, but still have several years’ worth of poor eating and exercise habits to counteract.

Current Habit Set

Supplements Diet Topical
Vitamin D3

Daily Multivitamin

Low Carb, Moderate Protein ,Moderate Fat

Whole foods – high quality meats, nuts, oils, seeds, and green vegetables

Cypress Essential oil mixed with a blended coconut/palm based oil applied directly to the NLD areas for itch and dryness.

Topical Magnesium


Typical intake for me is a breakfast without any carbohydrate whatsoever.  I typically just have 10-15 milliliters MCT oil for breakfast.  Sometimes nuts or a mix of meat and vegetables if I’m really hungry, but try to avoid carbohydrates at all in the morning.  In the afternoon and evening I’m eating a meat and vegetables, and if I’m needing something sweet a carefully-timed small portion of fruit.

There are days I totally blow it and have a handful of chocolate chips or wayward ice cream that has wandered too near to me, but the goal is to keep it whole, and keep it low-carb.


Walking 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.  Yes, I too despise exercising.  You won’t find me at the gym just now.  Instead, I walk my kids to school or go for a walk with the family after work to unload stress.  I count it both as exercise and an investment in my mental health.


Are You Hacking Your Metabolism?

If you’re also working on hacking your metabolism in an effort to heal or reverse Necrobiosis Lipoidica, I’d really like to hear from you.  I’m on twitter @sed8me, or post a comment here.