I continue to operate under the assumption that something’s not quite right with my body’s ability to handle glucose.  My research on NLD always takes me to the radical hippie regions of the interwebs — and i’m fine with that — so today’s research sends me to websites that echo the notion that people with NLD tend to fall into the groupings of people with (from highest to lowest occurrence) Type II diabetes, Type I diabetes, and those with strong family histories of either of the types of diabetes.

This condition and diabetes go hand in hand.  Okay. I get it.  As one of those in the smaller grouping I consider myself a wildcard.  And regardless of whether my circumstances are self-made or luck of the draw I am heeding the warning signal that my physical body has offered me.  My approach is two-fold:

  1. I am trying to understand both T1D and T2D better, as well as the conditions which may precede development of either.
  2. I am vigorously attempting to reverse decades of poor diet and exercise habits, with emphasis on anything I can do to improve the way my body deals with glucose.

This year I switched my exercise routine from walking to running, hence the running shoes at the top of the page.  Originally I was stuck at a certain BMI and couldn’t break past it to the next goal on my way to the BMI recommended in the Newcastle study.  So running quickly helped me to break through that barrier.  As I’ve been doing it though, I’ve noticed an improvement in breathing and circulation, stamina, energy, etc.  It seems to have widespread benefits beyond burning calories.  And that’s giving me hope.  I’m hopeful that these changes are all in the correct direction – that somehow through changing my metabolism we can get the body working the way it was before this NLD showed up.

Improving glucose tolerance may just be scratching the surface, or may be misguided.  This could be a pancreas function thing, or a compatibility thing where my particular body isn’t liking something I’m putting in it.  It could be neither – I may be completely wrong, but why not focus as much energy on this idea as possible until a better idea comes along?  At this point I do not intend to acquiesce in my current state of being.