Hey all,

It’s been a while since I posted progress.  So far I haven’t been seeing any major results, with the exception of the itching and dry skin issues.  I’ll get to those in a moment, but first a recap of what I’ve been trying over the last few months.

Is NLD Related to Pancreatic Function?

I’m basically making a loosely educated guess that my pancreas isn’t functioning exactly the way it should, and that based on anecdotal experience I’ve encountered on the web and in forums and chats, internal organ function isn’t always as black-and-white an issue as one might think after visiting a clinic.

Operating on the hunch I’ve been studying how to make the pancreas do less “work.” I heard about an approach called the ketogenic diet, in which carbohydrates are restricted and the body lives on mostly fat and moderate amounts of protein – the specific amounts coming from a formula obtained by weight and BMI.  I’ll get into specifics in a later post.  The hunch here is that my previous diet forced the pancreas to deal with more carbohydrate than necessary.  Whether this actually has anything to do with NLD I cannot know, but I figure what harm can come from reducing the load a pancreas which has led a life burdened by refined carbohydrates.

The results so far

As mentioned before, there have been no major changes in the NLD so far, but I have seen a decrease in weight (20 pounds), an increase in energy, and a reduction in overall aches and pains.

Current Habit Set

Supplements Diet Topical
GymnemaCinnamonKrill Oil with Astaxantha

Maca Root



Vitamin D3

Vitamin E


Low CarbModerate ProteinHigh Fat

Whole foods – high quality meats, nuts, oils, seeds, and green vegetables

Cypress Essential Oil applied directly to the NLD areas


I’m mostly walking or rebounding to get extra activity, wearing an activity tracker to help me understand how much exercise and sleep I’m getting, and to keep track of foods eaten.

Next Steps

If pancreatic function restoration is to take place in my body I’d guess that I’ll need to shave off at least 20 more pounds and keep it off for a number of years.  I’ll be searching for any metabolic hack I can find to accelerate the process, and supplement this strategy with anything else that shows promise in the meantime.

Are You Hacking Your Metabolism?

If you’re also working on hacking your metabolism in an effort to heal or reverse Necrobiosis Lipoidica, I’d really like to hear from you.  I’m on twitter @sed8me, and Facebook as www.facebook.com/Sed8Me or you can post a comment to this site.