This resource page contains all the tools, research, and support groups I’ve found to be helpful in this search.  Please comment if you have a resource to share!  The Amazon links are affiliate links to help keep the site going.

Mepilex Border Foam Dressing

I’ll never use a regular plastic bandage on my NLD again.  One of the things that seems to really mess up my NLD every time is the standard disposable bandage.  It doesn’t matter whether I use a plastic or cloth — either will cause me the same trouble.  I held off for months on getting these dressings due to the somewhat high cost, but after figuring in the amount of money and effort spent working with wound care clinics and medications I now will use no other kind of bandage for superficial scrapes and cuts.  In the time since my last wound care visit I’ve suffered a few abrasions and been able to get them to heal on their own simply by using this dressing alone and keeping the wound dry.  AS ALWAYS: WORK WITH A WOUND CARE SPECIALIST FOR BEST RESULTS.  You can get Mepilex Borders here.

Gauze Sponge

Sterile 4×4 gauze sponges are great for cleaning up scrapes, both at the time of the incident and during changes of dressings.  These are essential tools for your NLD cut and scrape kit.


Water seems to be the arch enemy of my NLD, so when i get a scrape, I get and stay away from water until everything is healed up.

Saline Solution

If you need to irrigate a wound, step one is to call your wound care specialist.  Your doctors know what works for your situation.  In cases where you can’t get to your doctor immediately and have to irrigate a wound, saline solution has worked for me.  I buy sterile saline for use with contact lenses and gauze sponges to clean up as best I can until I can get to see my doctor.

Other useful items for the medicine cabinet

Mepitel Non-Adherent Dressing

Mepitel is great for when you need to keep an open wound covered and bandaged.  Since NLD affects the lower legs, any damage will be extremely painful.  This dressing makes it much easier to deal with.  Once antimicrobial ointment has been applied to the affected area, this film covers the wound, keeps the ointment applied, while allowing the wound to drain. Cover with bandages as usual.  Good for a few days’ use, depending on how much the wound is draining.


Silvasorb Sliver-based Antimicrobial Gel

Silvasorb is another essential product in my medicine cabinet.  Amazon isn’t carrying this in reasonable sizes and prices at the moment. Also, since I’ve discovered Mepilex borders and learned to keep wounds dry, I haven’t needed to use the gel as frequently.

Support Groups

NLD Group on Facebook – this is a very active Facebook group of sufferers and family members trading strategies, tips, photos and more.*

NLD Support Group on Facebook – this is another active support group on Facebook where people are discussing strategies and tools for this very frustrating condition.*

*please note these groups are not maintained by me, but I’m a member of both and have found them to be helpful.