My primary care doctor suggested trying aspirin, thinking that the anticoagulant effect might help in some way – I think because of the bruising, but knowing that the tissues is described as actually necrotizing I’m not sure this is a valid approach.  It couldn’t have hurt, so I went along with it, but have long since dismissed it as a cure.

I have been taking aspirin for a couple of years without a noticable change.

More recently, I saw a dermatologist about the issue and prescribed large doses of Prednisone (60mg daily) for a period of around 4 months.  This also yielded no results, and gave me a nice “spidey sense” through which I could hear watch movements, enjoy profound productivity due to utter inability to sleep, and inhalation of food in copious and destructive amounts.  Prednisone is truly a dreadful drug to endure.

I keep running into this article and am curious if anyone has tried that approach.